Hey Buddy!Let's Eat! 醇厚美式憶往風情年華

位在熱鬧街區的美墨餐廳,散發醇厚的工業風氣息,因應業主的喜好,以廢棄倉庫的概念,融匯鐵皮、水泥、紅磚、木料等元素,圍塑粗獷不羈的空間情境。川寓設計 鍾富安 主持設計師在相似色調、相異材料搭配下,以質材原有特性陳述本質,蘊生不盡相同的視覺感受,同時為立面創造豐富鮮明的表情。

The restaurant located in the bustling block exudes a mellow industrial atmosphere. The design concept inspired of the proprietor's preference, take the advantage of an abandoned warehouse, which integrates the elements such as iron sheet, cement, red brick, wood, etc., bringing about a rough and uninhibited spatial circumstance.
CHUAN_YU INTERIOR DESIGN chief designer Peter Chung by way of the collocation of similar color hue and varied materials, moreover with the original texture of the materials to state the essence, thence create various visual sensations; at the same time bring out abundant and distinct implication of the space.